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Overview of Oireachtas Web sites

Posted by bollinsl on 5 September 2008

This note outlines the Oireachtas Web sites.

Main Web site: www.oireachtas.ie

A CMS is used to publish the pages to this site.

Pages can ve viewed as

Pages can also be viewed in English or Irish.

Pages an be viewed by category. HTML filenames can also be used.

Dublin Core Metadata can be added.

A wrapper is provided for PDF, MS Word and RTF files, including DC Metadata and, title and an abstract.

WAP functionality is available, but not used.

Web survey functionality is included.

SMS functionality can be added.

RSS is added manually.

Email alerts are also available, created manually.

CMS supplied by Fusio.

XML files of Bills, and Acts are converted into PDF by Cahill Printers Limited, using an XML files created using an XML authoring system created by Propylon.

Members database

Mysql is used to store and present this database.

Original database created by Propylon for the Historical Debates Web site. Current version adapted for the Web site by by Fusio.

Current Debates

This site is XML based, and staff can edit the debatse on-line.

Log files are created using a logging system supplied by Digitake.

Takes are created in a Lotus Notes system, converted into MS Word or RTF (10 takes), and parsed into XML.

Data is presented to the users as HTML cached files, HTML generated on the fly from XML, and as PDF with links from a contents page.

The system was written using Microsoft .NET by Cahill Printers Limited.

Historical Debates

The XML files from the current debates system are converted into SGML, and then into HTML, day menus are created, DC Metadata is added.

Created by Propylon.


http://acts.oireachtas.ie/ (no frames search)

http://acts2.oireachtas.ie/ (frames search)

Note the bilingual view, and the links between the Irish and English versions.

XML fils of Acts are converted into HTML.

XML authoring system, Web sites and translation aid created by Propylon.




Created using Frontpage by Fusio.

Webcasting and IPTV – Internet and educational networks

Windows Media Webcasting and MPEG2 IPTV provided in association with HEAnet, Ireland’s National Research and Educational Network.

XML links can be created which will replay part of the video archives. Complete recordings can be downloaded.

IPTV – Government Networks

MPEG4 IPTV provided in association with the Department of Finance.

Joint Committee on European Affairs


Created using Dreamweaver by Fusio.

Order Papers and Questions Papers

Page and PDF files supplied by Cahill Printers Limited.


Written using Lotus Notes by Siemens.

See also

Oireachtas na nÓg

Prototype created by Fusio.


A microsite created in order to publish a committee report.

Created by ?


Websites are usually hosted by the LGCSB (Local Government Computer Services Board).

Google Search

  • http://search.gov.ie
  • http://search.gov.ie/sites/www.oireachtas.ie/ – Main Oireachtas site
  • http://search.gov.ie/sites/debates.oireachtas.ie – Current Debates
  • Provided in association with the Department of Finance.


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